Waypoint Customs has it’s own internal fabrication department to custom design all your aluminum needs, utilizing latest technology and processes. T-tops, ladders, towers, seating and console bars are just a few of the products the fabrication shop designs and installs. Possibilities for custom work is unlimited.


Waypoint Customs offers a wide selection of sound systems, including Wetsounds and JL Performance. We can turn any boat or cart into that rocking machine that everyone can enjoy. A very wide selection of audio components is available and on display for you to check out and make your selections.


With products like Plash and DB Link, Waypoint Customs can light up your entire boat or cart. Interior lights, compartment lights, underwater lights every size light bars and special effect lighting can all be purchased or installed by our professionals. Personalizing your light systems is what waypoint Customs offers, with displays to see as you make your choices.


Waypoint Customs sells and installs all SIMRAD electronics. Custom installation is available for best in line sight. Custom switch panels and dashes are available to make yours one of a kind. The proper design of you dash panel allows for the best functionality and the personalized effect.


Professional wiring is very important to make your vehicle dependable and maintenance free. It is all about connections, wiring looms and professional expertise when Waypoint Customs wires your boat. The quality of work done in the wiring process is always the best at Waypoint Customs.


Waypoint Customs offers in-house vinyl graphic designs and installation. From TX numbers to fully body wraps, we can be your one stop shop to personalize you boat or cart. Extensive examples are on display or you can sit down with our graphics designers to customize your job.


Customized, quality upholstery can set your rig into a whole new realm of personalization. Our in-house designers can help you upholster your boat or cart your way. From standard seating to the most detailed designs utilize the highest quality materials and workmanship.